The DMV AnestasiA Golf Club

The 2020 Golf season begins on April 4th.  The official schedule is listed below:

APRIL 2020

April 4th: Season Opener: Bristow Manor Golf Club, VA 

April 12th: AnestasiA Vodka Invitational: VA-TBA

April 18th: DMVAGC Event: MD-TBA

April 26th: Southern Hospitality: VA-TBA

MAY 2020

May 2nd: Represent Your College Colors: VA-TBA

May 10th: Mother's Day Weekend (No Tournament)

May 16th: Dress to Impress Invitational Enterprise: MD-TBA 

May 24th: Broken Tee Event: MD-TBA

JUNE 2020


June 2nd to 6th: The Travelers: (Williamsburg, VA)

June 14th: Papi Chulu: VA-TBA

June 20th: YB’s 5 Band Equalizer Curve: VA-TBA


June 28th: 1st MAJORThe Weekend Hackers: VA-TBA

JULY 2020

July 4th: 4th of July Holiday Weekend (No Tournament)


July 12th: Red, White & Blues: MD-TBA 


July 18th: The Fairways & Greens Event: VA-TBA 

July 26th: 2nd MAJOR The Heeney Cup: MD-TBA       


August 1st: The Skittles Championship: VA-TBA

August 9th: The Baha Men's Invitational: VA-TBA 

August 15th: Money Green: MD-TBA

August 23rd: The Crooked Visor: VA-TBA

August 29th: 3D MAJOR: The Player's Championship: VA-TBA


September 5th: The Pinky Challenge: VA-TBA 

September 13th: DMVAGC Event: MD-TBA 

September 19th: The Not JB Happy Ending Tourney: VA-TBA

September 27th: 4TH MAJOR: The Brothers Championship:



October 3rd: The Asian Persuasion: VA-TBA

October 11th: AnestasiA Tour #1: VA-TBA

October 17th: AnestasiA Tour #2: VA-TBA

October 25th: AnestasiA Tour #3: VA-TBA


October 31st: AnestasiA Vodka Tour Championship # 4:



November 8th: Bropocalypse: VA-TBA

November 14th: The Skins Invitational: DC-TBA

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