The DMV AnestasiA Golf Club Point System

The Regular Season will consist of 32 events in 32 weeks from the beginning of April 2019 to the end of October 2019. Players accumulate AnestasiA Cup points which will determine their seeding for the DMV AnestasiA Tour Playoffs for the AnestasiA Cup Tour Championship. All players will be eligible to compete in the championship.
How Points are Distributed:

In every event, points are distributed to all players by order of finish. Only players who competed in the events will be eligible to earn points. Players that tie will be awarded the same amount of points.  For example, if 3 players finish third at an event, all players will receive third place points and the remaining points will be awarded in the place finsihed.  For example, those three players will finish in third place the next player will place in sixth place and so forth.

All players who are not regular DMV AnestasiA Golf Club members but choose to join during the season will be eligible to earn points on a prospective basis. Points are not awarded retroactively. For example, if a non-member wins a Regular Season event and then chooses to join the membership, he will earn points for all events going forward in the season, but not for the event he just won.  

The table to the left shows the specific number of AnestasiA Cup points awarded to each position in a standard Regular Season event; Majors event; and a Tour Championship event. 
NOTE:  Only members can participate in the AnestasiA Cup Events. Entry Fee:  $200.00 per person due at the beginning of the year.                       
Grint Handicap System: 
All DMV AnestasiA Golf Club members will need to create a profile on The Grint to establish a handicap.  Handicaps will be used to determine winner of regular season, majors, and tour wins.  At the end of tournament, provide the scorecard to Franz Ramsay, Group Administrator so that he can ensure your score are updated in the program so that we can determine who is awarded the points.  The Grint will also let you know where the tournaments are being played and the dates.