The DMV AnestasiA Golf Club Tournament Rules


Ensure you contact the tournament's POC NLT the Wednesday prior to each event if you are going to participate in that weekend's tournament.


5 April 2015:  AnestasiA Vodka Invitational
POC:  Lionel Roberson, Jr.
1st Place:  Bottle of AnestasiA                                       
All participants will receive an AnestasiA Vodka tee shirt and wrist band.
All participants must take a shot of AnestasiA Vodka at the 19th hole.
26 April 2015:  The Pinky Classic
POC:  Randy Cavitt
Attire:  All participants must wear pink (shorts, shirt, hat).
17 May 2015:  Bropocalypse 2015
Bropocalypse is defined as a large gathering of adult males with the sole mission of getting drunk.  All participants must wear urban gear.  Use your imagination.  All participants must down (2) two miniature bottles prior tee off and (1) one miniature at the turn.  If you don't blow a .05 you are disqualified from tournament and no AnestasiA Cup points are earned.
31 May 2015:  Sweaty Hole
POC:  Kevin
Rules:  3 clubs only.  One has to be a putter.  Divide raw score by number of beers consumed during the round.  Winner is the one that actually finishes walking without help.
14 June 2015:  Military Appreciation Open
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
Tentatively scheduled for Quantico but may be moved to Fort Belvoir, VA
21 June 2015:  The Travelers Open
POC:  Lionel  Roberson Jr.
This tournament will begin on Friday with 18 holes, Saturday, 36 holes, and Sunday departure.  Assocated costs:  Green fees; lodging, food, adult entertainment, and gas.
28 June 2015:  One Hit Wonder Presents:  The Baha Men Invitational
POC:  Dante
Theme:  All participants must wear dreads, short white afro, or any island attire (wiggs acceptable, of course).
5 July 2015:  Independence Day Open
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
The Commish will coordinate with Army/Navy Country Club member to schedule tournament.
19 July 2015:  The Skittles Championship
POC:  Franz Ramsay
Prerequisite:  1.  All participants must play with Colored Balls (No White Balls are allowed), pick any other color.  2.  Dress colorful
19 August 2015:  The Crooked Visor Tournament
POC:  Fred Johnson
Prerequisite:  All participants must wear a visor in honor of the sponsor.
23 August 2015:  The Pin Stripe Open
POC:  Lynn Bowers
All participants must pay tribute to the New York Yankees by wearing something in pinstripes besides socks unless you wear the Payne Stewart Knickers.
30 August 2015:  The Challenge Cup
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr
The Challenge Rules.  Players receive a negative quota of points, called a "hurdle", based on their handicaps. Scratch players get -39 points, one handicaps get -38, two-handicaps get -37, and so on to 36-handicaps, who get -3.
Then, based on their performances, players receive positive points as follows:
Bogeys=l point
Pars=2 points
Birdies=4 points
Eagles=8 points
The player who clears his "hurdle" by the most points wins.
6 September 2015:  The DMV Match Play
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr
Match Play Format (Handicap).  Each player will draw tees with names on them to identify their component.                                                                     
Rule.  The proper way to allocate strokes in one-on-one match play is to subtract the lower handicap from the higher, then assign the difference to the weaker player. For example, Player A has a handicap of 14 and Player B has a handicap of 10.  Player A now takes strokes on the top 4 handicap holes, while Player B plays from scratch.
20 September 2015:  The Commissioner's Cup
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
Participation:  Members Only.  "Stroke play" refers to a round of golf in which the score is kept by adding the cumulative total of strokes taken throughout the round.

In stroke play, the golfer counts each stroke taken on a hole, until the ball is in the cup. Those strokes are written down on the scorecard. At the end of the round, the strokes taken on each hole played are added together for the total strokes, which is the team's gross score.
25 October 2015:  AnestasiA Vodka Tour Championship
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
The winner of the AnestasiA Vodka Golf Tour Championship is decided with the highest combined points from the regular season events, majors, and the (5) AnestasiA Vodka Tour events.  Winner will win Golf Club Championship Trophy and the Player of the Year Championship.
1 November 2015:  The Skins Invitational
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
Skins Rules.  Each player will donate $18.00 at the beginning of the tournament ($1.00 per hole). All teams will compete against each other. 
Holes 1 - 6        =10 points each 
Holes 7 -12       =15 points each
Holes 13-17      =20 points each
Hole 18             =25 points.
Each player tees off in turn, and normal stroke play continues until each player holes out. The player with the lowest score (par or better) on the first hole wins the skin for that hole. If there is no lowest player – because two or more of the golfers tied for the lowest score on the hole or a score of par was not achieved – the skin is rolled over to the next hole. Handicap indexes are not considered in skins.  Total the number of skins, if the value of each hole is the same, or total up the number of points. The winner is the player with the most skins or points. For instance, using the assigned points from the earlier example, if there was no low scoring player for the first four holes, each worth 10 points, the winner on the fifth hole would get the skins for the first four holes plus the skin for the fifth hole (15 points) for a total of 55 points. If there is no low score for the next three holes, the winner on the ninth hole would get the skins and points for holes six through eight (15 points apiece) and the ninth hole (20 points) for a total of 65 points.
8 November 2015:  The Ryder Cup (Best Ball)
POC:  Lionel Roberson Jr.
Best Ball Rules.  For the best ball format, each player hits his own ball throughout the round. However, at the end of each hole, the lowest score or “best ball” is used as the team score. For example, if player A makes a 5, player B gets a 6, player C gets a 4 and player D gets a 6, the score recorded as the team score is 4, the lowest score. Best ball can be played with teams of two, three or four players.